26 February 2018 / Club News

Social media and photographs policy

Old Illtydians RFC believes it is important that parents/carers are able to celebrate the achievements of their children through taking photographs or filming. In addition we recognise that promoting images of the sport will help encourage increased participation, but recognise that appropriate and proportionate safeguards should be in place to ensure a safe sporting environment for children and young people. This will allow children (and their parents/guardians on their behalf) the right to decide whether their photograph is taken, and how the images may be used.

As a result Old Illtydians RFC will adopt the following policies and best practices:

∙ The interests and welfare of children taking part in sporting activities is paramount

∙ Children and their parents/carers have a right to decide whether their images are taken, and how these may be used

∙ Children and their parents/carers must provide consent for their images to be taken and used

∙ Where possible we will not include the name of a child whose image is being used

∙ If naming a child or group of children in an image, we will only use their first names, as this will reduce the risk of inappropriate, unsolicited attention from people within and outside the sport

∙ We will avoid the inclusion of other detailed information about individual children

∙ We will ask for parental permission to use an image of a young person. This ensures that Parents are aware of where and how the image of their child will be used to represent the club, event or sport (e.g. in a sport magazine, on a website, or on Facebook)

∙ Only use images of children in suitable dress/kit (including required or recommended safety wear such as shin pads, gum shields and so on) to reduce the risk of inappropriate use

∙ Images should positively reflect the child’s involvement in the activity (e.g. showing smiling participants rather than anxious or unhappy ones) and promote the best aspects of the sport

∙ Any images will be shared on closed access/restricted groups only initially (Whatsapp and the Facebook Group), for any images shared on Twitter or on the open access Old Illtydian RFC Facebook page, the club will expressly seek consent from parents before the images are used

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